AKF webinar is coming!


The Asian Karate Federation (AKF) is organising a webinar series for the Karate fraternity:

i. AKF Referee Seminar, 8 August, 2020, 1300hrs (GMT+4hrs).
ii. AKF Coach Seminar, 15th August, 2020. 1300 hrs (GMT +4hrs).
iii. AKF Kata Seminar, 22nd August, 2020, 1300 hrs (GMT +4hrs).
iv. AKF Kumite Seminar, 29th August, 2020, 1300hrs (GMT +4hrs)

Terms & Conditions:

  1. AKF Referee Seminar is only open for current AKF licensed referees and judges.
  2. AKF Coach Seminar is only open for current AKF licensed Coaches, or National Coaches that has yet to be licensed by AKF.
  3. AKF Kata Seminar is open for all Karate practitioners.
  4. AKF Kumite Seminar is open for all Karate Practitioners.
  5. All intended participants for the above webinars shall register their participation through their respective National Federation, in the standard forms that can be downloaded from:
  6. All registration will be based on first come first serve basis.
  7. The AKF may request the National Federations to reduce the number of registrations for each event to ensure a more equitable distribution of participation.
  8. The Webinar is free of charge.
  9. The AKF reserve the rights to reject any registration if necessary.
  10. AKF will be marking the attendance of the webinars any absence without proper reason may be penalized.

AKF Webinar - Rules & Regulations
AKF Referee Webinar - Registration Form
AKF Coach Webinar - Registration Form
AKF KATA Webinar - Registration Form
AKF KUMITE Webinar - Registration Form