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-About AKF

The Asian Karatedo Federation (AKF) is the governing body of sport karate of about 45 countries of karatedo federation in Asia.
The AKF is a non-profit organization and performs its activities on an amateur basis in compliance with the principles set forth in the Olympic Charter, duly recognized by the World Karate Federation, the largest international governing body of sport karate with over 190 member countries.
It is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members.
The AKF organizes the Asian Karatedo Championships, the Junior and Senior AKF Championships in every two years in between the Olympic and Asian Games and participates in WKF World Karate Championships.


APUKO (Asian Pacific Union of Karatedo Organizations)
1972 in Singapore Founded until 1992.
AUKO (Asian Union of Karatedo Organizations)
Name changed in 1992 until 1999, after WUKO was admitted to IOC
AKF (Asian Karatedo Federations)
In 1999 the name was changed again, in line with WUKO changed to WKF


16th AKF - Astana Kazakhstan Jul. 2017
15th AKF - Makassar Indonesia Nov. 2016
14th AKF - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Aug. 2014
13th AKF - Dubai UAE Dec. 2013
12th AKF - Tashkant Uzbekistan Jul. 2012
11th AKF - Quanzhou China Jul. 2011
10th AKF - Hong Kong China Aug. 2010
9th AKF - Sabah Malaysia Sep. 2008
8th AKF - Singapore Singapore Oct. 2006
7th AKF - Macau China Nov. 2005
6th AKF - Tokyo Japan Sep. 2002
5th AKF - Macau China Aug. 2000
4th AUKO - Macau Macau Nov. 1998
3rd AUKO - Taichung Taiwan Sep. 1996
2nd AUKO - Hanoi Vietnam Sep. 1994
1st AUKO - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sep. 1992

14th AKF - Astana Kazakhstan Jul. 2017
13th AKF - Yokohama Japan Sep. 2015
12th AKF - Dubai UAE Dec. 2013
11th AKF - Tashkant Uzbekistan Jul. 2012
10th AKF - Quanzhou China Jul. 2011
9th AKF - Guangzhou China Sep. 2009
8th AKF - Seremban Malaysia Aug. 2007
7th AKF - Macau China May 2005
6th AKF - Taoyuan Taiwan Feb. 2004
5th AKF - Genting Malaysia Nov. 2001
4th AKF - Singapore Singapore Dec. 1999
3rd AUKO - Macau Jan. 1997
2nd AUKO - Manila Philippines Sep. 1995
1st AUKO - Taipei Taiwan Nov. 1993

17th Asian Games - Incheon Korea 2014
16th Asian Games - Guangzhou China 2010
15th Asian Games - Doha Qatar 2006
14th Asian Games - Busan Korea 2002
13th Asian Games - Bangkok Thailand 1998
12th Asian Games - Hiroshima Japan 1994